Our town is worth a visit throughout the year, but there are some special events, festivals to share our traditions and enthusiasm with us.

Carnival. The historical traditions and culture of the village are carried out in a relaxed atmosphere and always with a touch of humour! 

Semana Santa (Holy Week). Colourful processions through the streets of the village.

Toro de Cuerda (The Bull Run). ••This is the oldest and perhaps the most traditional of all the fiestas held in Gaucín and takes place on Easter Sunday. Following the solemnity of Holy Week comes the running of the bulls - a unique fiesta in the province of Málaga and dating back hundred of years. A bull with a rope tied round its horns is held at a distance and runs through the streets of the village. It chases the young men who are brave enough to take part, with much laughter and encouragement from the locals and many visitors, whilst they try to keep at a safe distance from the charging bull.

Romería de San Juan. Celebrated every year on 24th June in the countryside surrounding the village. This is perhaps one of the most family-orientated fiestas of the year.

Festival Flamenco del Corcho Valle de Genal.  An opportunity to enjoy some excellent flamenco music and dancing during the last weekend of July.

Feria de Agosto. This enormously popular fair, in honour of the patron saint, La Virgen de las Nieves, takes place during the second week of August.  

Fiesta del Santo Niño (Fiesta of the Holy Child)  In honour of Gaucín’s Patron Saint, Santo Niño, and San Juan de Dios. The fiesta begins with the Romería de la Adelfilla held on the last Sunday of August in memory of the apparition of the baby Jesus to San Juan de Dios on his way to Gibraltar in 1536. The fiesta reaches its climax on 7th and 8th September with processions and celebrations, bringing together all the inhabitants of Gaucín.