The most espectacular of the White Villages o Pueblos Blancos. Hiking, nature, gastronomy, tranquility, culture on the southern hills of the Serrania de Ronda mountains and looking over the foothills to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and the Riff Mountains of Morocco.
The Asociacion de Iniciativas Turisticas de Gaucin works to ensure your visit is unforgetable.
We hope to see you very soon!!




 Gaucín is, without doubt, one of the most attractive and interesting places in the Serranía de Ronda; situated on the route of the ‘white villages’ between the Guadiaro and Genal valleys it is known for its natural beauty and its thriving forests.

But, above all, the highlight is the spectacular views from Gaucín, especially to the South, where you can see the rocky outcrop of Gibraltar, the Straits, and the mountains of north Africa. It is because of these privileged surroundings, the tranquillity, the proximity to the coast, the people and the food, that for more than 25 years Gaucín has welcomed tourists from all parts of the world; people who have chosen our village to enjoy their holiday.


We believe that the people that visit us deserve the best welcome possible.  To that end we aim to enhance their stay by offering a rich and diverse culture that, alongside tourism, will contribute to the future development of our village. For these reasons, and following meetings with those interested in promoting tourism, we decided to create the Gaucín Tourist Association. The association was initiated as a result of popular interest within Gaucín with the objective to improve and develop tourism in our area.

Our activities are centred on projects that, at the same time as being tourist attractions, are also giving the residents of Gaucín opportunities to enjoy and participate. We currently have more than one hundred members willing to work for, and improve, the tourist activities in this lovely village: activities including hiking, food, cultural events, handicrafts, etc. It is only left for us to invite you to visit Gaucín and to encourage you to contact the Tourist Association to get the most from your visit. See you soon!