We are going out on Tuesday!, join us!

We are going out on Tuesday!, join us!

From the Asociacion de Iniciativas Turisticas de Gaucin we would like to motivate visitors and people from Gaucin  to go out, to bring life to the village, to go for a stroll, for a drink...simply to create a social activity that brings light to our village, and at the same time we can enjoy ourselves.

This activity "We are going out on Tuesday!, join us!" is just one iniciative that can be followed by whatever else you can think of.

It will consist of an evening out every other week (preferably on Tuesdays or Wednesdays) to end up meeting in one of the village´s bars or restaurants for a drink and a chat about different issues: our village, the Association, possible new...

  • To support everybody we will be rotating the meeting place, more frequently in those which are members of our association.
  • This evening out will take place every other week on Tuesdays, but sometimes it will be on Wednesdays. This will be announced accordingly.
  • Everybody pays their own drinks.
  • Suggestions are very welcome.
  • This activity is for everybody, members and non members, and we specially ask members to participate and to invite non members to come along.

Next evening out is on October.


Come on!! Join us!!