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 No doubt the town of Gaucin and surrounding area offers a huge attraction for walkers: hundreds of miles through an a wide diversity of landscapes with spectacular views. The Association is signaling pathways and organizing guided tours to facilitate the enjoyment of our environment to all who visit us.


 Two rivers surround Gaucín, the Genal on the west side and the Guadiaro on the east side both with their unique natural features. It is embedded between agriculture land down south and cork oak forests up north. It is stretched out on the edge of the mountains with views to die for down to the coast, to Gibraltar and Africa in the South, the Sierra de Grazalema North-West and the Sierra de las Nieves to the North-East. And it is located on the main migration route of millions of birds that travel the narrow Straight of nearby Gibraltar. So Gaucín is a Mecca for birdwatchers and walkers.

 Hundreds of olds rights of way cut through the land. Narrow paths to get from one farm to another by mule or donkey, old Caminos that connected the villages and cattle droves from 25 meters wide (vereda) up to 75 meters wide (cañada) they used in days long gone to move cattle from one region to another. A lot of these old ways faded out when agriculture came to a stop in the sixties and seventies. They became forgotten and overgrown or fell into disuse when new roads were made.

 The Asociación Iniciativas Turisticas Gaucín, in cooperation with the Town Hall, intents to re-open 10 of these old rights of way, to way mark and signpost them, so people can find their way and enjoy the beauty of its environment, the barren mountains, the oak forests, the views and its rich flora and bird life.

 Two paths have been signposted already. The posts are recognizable by a white ring

on top and a green one below. One walkway you’ll find on the north side of the village La Umbria (1.5 hours), starting opposite the Mirador de Gaucín on the Ronda road. The other is in the Southside of the village, called La Ermita (2.5 hours), starting at the taxi-stop of the village en La Plazoleta.