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      31 octubre Subasta!
31 octuber auction!

“400 Gecko's in Gaucin ”


       Our project was inspired by the Swiss artist Walter Knapp who in 1998  was the creator of “Cow Parade” .  The businesses of Zurich decided that such a project would encourage tourism into the centre of the town.  Resin copies of life size cows were made and subsequently decorated by local artists.  This idea was taken up by other cities of the world using different animals – bears in Berlin; lions in Munich; camels in Dubai, pigs and tortoises.  You can see these works on



In Gaucin we decided to use a creature that is often found in our streets, but hardly ever seen – the Geko.  400 resin unadorned moulds were ordered, measuring approximately 42 cm long.  These would be decorated by the inhabitants of the village.  The first moulds were given to 175 children in our school.  Then we gave one to each local artist and subsequently to anybody living in Gaucin who was interested in decorating a geko.

They have been painted, dressed up or transformed in some way or another producing a tremendous variety of colourful gekos highlighting the extraordinary imagination of all who live in Gaucin.

The gekos were to be put in place from 30 May.  This co-incided with the open studios of “ARTGAUCIN”  who had exhibitions of their work during the weekend of 31 May.  It was the intention to have all the gekos in place by the 7th June which was the day of the monthly farmers market here in Gaucin.  The gekos will remain in place for the August Feria and for the feast of Santo Nino.  They will be removed in September.

It has been a project that has certainly united the village as well as being a tourist attraction.  But most important of all we have caused a creative revolution here in Gaucin!!

We knew from the beginning that financing a project such as this would not be easy but the Ayuntamiento of Gaucin immediately offered its help and the project was finally launched by the Association of Tourism, the Ayuntamiento of Gaucin, CEDER and the Diputacion de Malaga.

All the school children received a free geko as did all members of our Association.  Each member of ARTGAUCIN received two gekos;  one for themselves and the other to be returned to the Association to be sold, the proceeds will go to the Association.  The remaining participants paid a nominal €10 for a geko.  Three times less than the true value.

A prize will be awarded to the best childrens geko and another for best adult geko.
You will find a voting sheet and a map, to ensure you do not miss any of the beautiful gekos, in the shops of Gaucin   However, it will be very difficult to find winners as the quality of decoration is exquisite. 

Once the exhibition has ended each person may keep his geko or alternatively donate it to the Association for an auction which will take place in September,  beginning with the ARTGAUCIN gekos.

Our website www will provide you with more information about our project and you can also see on the site a selection of the decorated gekos. - Asociación Iniciativas Turísticas de Gaucín - 2008